Aoife Nally

Writer, Ritual Workshops

Aoife Nally is a courageous, sensitive, and audacious soul called to share the full spectrum of her gifts to inspire the world, uplift others, kick start evolution and add to the general joy of the human experience. Usually, she can be found performing on stage in big shiny musicals and writing/producing her own theatrical/ritual offerings in London UK. When not performing she is working on her book about creative resilience in hard times “Drawing Strength: An Artist’s Guide to Creative Recovery”, for which she was awarded an artist in residency at Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada, and at the Atelier Austmarka, Norway. Natural medium from a long line of Celtic seers, trained Trance Channel/Remote Viewer, and Universal Priestess of the Creative Force, Aoife offers Art based Ceremony that honors the cycles of nature, Anima Mundi, Pilgrimage, and Communion with the Divine in all its forms. Aoife’s newest intention is to be a guide for keen adventurers, wandering artists, and curious creators, to all the most sacred landscapes of this world.

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