Online Courses

We are developing a full suite of courses designed to invite you into the practice and experience of becoming who you really are – at your own pace. Each of these courses focuses on highly practical approaches that move you beyond concepts and help you integrate the lessons so that you can begin to see results in your life.

Live Events

Have you ever attended a live concert, retreat, or festival that blew your mind – anchored experiences in your mind and body that left you changed?

There’s irreplaceable magic in gathering with others. Connection, mutual inspiration, emotional release, and the immersion in feelings that take us beyond the ordinary activates an alchemy that can have lifelong effects.

These experiences yield benefits that exceed the sacrifice of time, money, and travel to show up.

We are currently planning small group retreats and a larger annual event called “SPARK.”

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Virtual Events

As much as we love to meet you in the flesh, traveling is hard – and expensive!

We offer a schedule of one-off live video workshops and talks by authorities, artists, and thought leaders that cover a spectrum of topics including:

  • Creativity
  • Healing
  • Psychology and Brain Research
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Human Potential
  • Integral Wellness
  • Lifestyle Design
  • And much more …

Connect with and learn from these inspiring teachers without leaving your home.

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1:1 & Group Guidance

Do you need guidance to help you overcome blocks, heal, and gain momentum in your life?

We offer special one-on-one sessions and packages that are tailored to you and your needs.

To inquire about availability and scheduling, please use the form on this page and we will respond as quickly as possible!

Stay tuned (and subscribed) for announcements about upcoming affordable group guidance opportunities in areas that include:

  • Values and Purpose Discovery
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Writing and Publishing
  • Creative Entrepreneurship
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Somatic & Art Therapies
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • And more!

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