Get in the Green Zone
with Restorative Yoga

A virtual event for Insitute for Creative Living members and invited guests

A 90-minute session of gentle yoga designed to nourish your mind, body, and nervous system.

You will be guided through several opening, grounding postures with gentle stretching, and gentle breathwork to help you arrive with presence in your own inner sanctuary. 

In this stillness, inner wisdom, inspiration, peace, and often bliss naturally bubble up to the surface of your awareness. Practice feeling comfortable resting in silence, and use props to experience deep levels of relaxation, as you honor the wisdom of your own body.

We will use Essential Oils in class to anchor feelings of well-being, feel connected in community and create a take-home practice to use in your daily life.

What to expect:
- Yoga postures easy for all levels (can be done seated if necessary)
- Deeper sense of grounding and opening to new growth
- Short guided meditations and breathwork
- Time at the end for sharing and questions

Things to gather for class:
- Yoga Mat or Large Towel
- Eye Pillow (or small towel)
- Bolsters/Pillows - couch pillows work well
- Several foldable blankets – 2 or 3
- Essential Oil (Any type, or other scented items: e.g., hand cream/cinnamon/candle)


WHEN: Wednesday, June 22
START TIME: 5 pm Pacific, 8 pm Eastern
COST: $0 for Institute for Creative Living Members – only $9.99 for non-members

*Note: Members will receive email instructions automatically. Guests register below; instructions and reminders will be sent to you.

This session will be recorded and we will send you the video replay!

Elissa Sydor is an artist, yoga teacher, ex-corporate ladder climber, and intuitive guide. She hears her intuition through art, dance, and restorative yoga, and teaches these Intuitive Practices to help others learn to do the same.

Elissa is the founder of SHE EVOLVES: A Sacred Sisterhood & Mastermind Collective. As a sacred space holder, she provides soul support to entrepreneurial healers & creative souls.

Find Elissa here:



Instagram: @entrepreneurialsoulsister

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