The Joyful Writer Video Course

We are developing a full suite of courses designed to invite you into the practice and experience of becoming who you really are – at your own pace. Each of these courses focuses on highly practical approaches that move you beyond concepts and help you integrate the lessons so that you can begin to see results in your life.
The Joyful Writer is a pre-recorded video course for writers who are struggling with feeling a lack of inspiration, as well as high levels of anxiety and resistance around writing. It is designed for writers who identify as intuitive, empathic, Highly Sensitive, and creative. It is a playful, lighter approach to writing that focuses on exploration, intuition, imagination, and expansion.

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This class is designed specifically for writers at all skill levels who:

  • Are afraid to start writing anything, or are currently not writing at all
  • Are in the middle of projects but feel overwhelmed and despairing about how to finish them
  • Feel bored or disappointed with their writing
  • Overthink their creative ideas until they feel paralyzed and can’t move forward
  • Feel like their inner critic is a bully they can’t escape
  • Constantly judge themselves for not being “good enough” or “productive enough” as a writer
  • Feel like they are a failure as a writer

Take This Course Today!

Get Immediate Access To All Training Materials After Ordering.
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