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About This Workshop

Join Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way, as she discusses the four essential tools to a creative recovery:
  • Morning Pages
  • Artist Dates
  • Walks
  • Writing for Guidance *NEW 
Her iconic tool, Morning Pages, comprises three pages of longhand morning writing about anything.

An Artist Date is a once-weekly solo adventure.

Walking integrates both.

Writing for guidance is the tool explored deeply in Julia's recently released book, Seeking Wisdom.  We are excited to share this newly-added feature of the essential toolkit with you. 

Millions of people from around the world have used these tools to find clarity, adventure, and creativity.

Used by artists and non-artists alike, these practices have the power to move you from frustration to clarity  and creative expression – in all areas of your life, not only in what we would commonly identify as creative pursuits. 

Discover exactly how and why to use the Essential Tools in this video workshop with Julia.

Bonuses & Resources

Find the Poems & Songs

So many asked where to find the poetry and songs that Julia shared during the workshop. Click here to visit "Julia's Art" on her site now

Journaling Process Gift

Jacob Nordby has developed a free ebook & audio program with three simple (powerful) daily journal question prompts. Julia has approved this process for use during Morning Pages. Totally free!  Click here to download the ebook & audio now

Kindle Sale!

Julia wrote the foreword for this book by Jacob Nordby. Amazon is currently running a sale at 99¢ or equivalent in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia  Click here to find on Amazon

For Writers (and those who want to be)

Are you a writer needing community and support? Join us for either a special Writers' Community Kickoff Virtual Retreat this weekend, or enroll in the brand new launch group – or both!

Julia is putting in a special appearance for the weekend retreat. Click below to learn more.

Hailed by the New York Times as “The Queen of Change,” JULIA CAMERON is credited with starting a movement in 1992 that has brought creativity into the mainstream conversation— in the arts, in business, and in everyday life. She is the best-selling author of more than forty books, fiction and nonfiction; a poet, songwriter, filmmaker and playwright. Commonly referred to as “The Godmother” or “High Priestess” of creativity, her tools are based in practice, not theory, and she considers herself “the floor sample of her own toolkit.” The Artist’s Way has been translated into forty languages and sold over five million copies to date.

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